I LOVE JUNK FOOD. I love the taste, I love the smell, I love the feel, hell I even love the thought of it. I love burgers, pizza, burritos, chocolate, pic'n'mix. I love ice-cream, fizzy drinks, I love monosodium glutomate drenched Chinese food. 

But I know that these foods are bad for you. And not just bad in a 'tssk, tssk, oh you naughty girl' bad. Bad in the full-blown "I can't believe you just set fire to a child orphan,' sort of bad.

My problem is that once I know things are bad I feel obligated to stop doing those bad things. So this is my page where I discuss, detail and lament - and occasionally help others - the changes I've made to my diet and how we can minimise the damage we do to ourselves while still enjoying tasty delicious.